Printer Problems

Lines and streaks on a printed page render official documents useless. To stop this from happening, it could be as simple as running routine maintenance on your Printer-Copier. While there is such a thing as over-cleaning, the occasional display of tender loving care towards your machine will let it know that you still care and make it work harder for you! Just like an employee!

To follow this guide effectively, you must be familiar with some of your Printer-Copier’s functional parts. This guide will display the more tricky parts as they come up, so please refer to pictures to be sure you’re in the right area.

More than likely, unless you’re very serious about printer maintenance (and more power to you if that is the case), you are currently suffering with the aforementioned imperfections in printing. In which case, we will be approaching this methodically.

IMPORTANT TIP: Make sure, whenever you scan or print a document that the scanner cover, lid and printer trays are properly in place. If not, this can cause complications such as streaking lines on documents.

Method 1: Turn it off and on again.
That’s right, the old adage is as true now as the day it was written. Step one of any maintenance on any computing device/accessory, turn it off and on again. Please MAKE SURE you follow these steps to get it right:

  • Remove the paper from the paper tray (same one you use
  • Remove the paper from the scanner glass
  • Remove paper from the ADF tray
  • Without turning the device off, pull the cord from the back of the machine and then disconnect it from the wall.
  • Wait 15-20 seconds and plug it back in. This will force the machine to perform a full recalibration.